Song Gao
CEO & Founder

Founder portrait


Hello Ladies,

My name is Song Gao, and I’m the proud founder of Collab Collections, formerly known as Sewnmates. Collab Collections offers the latest fashion experimentation in apparel, accessory and footwear through both local and international brands.

Beginning my journey in December 2012, I launched a small e-commerce store, which carried a mixture of edgy contemporary apparel and high-end vintage accessories. Combining my experience in advertising and fashion communication, I decided to send a message of empowerment to women of all ages and sizes through my business. Shortly after the launch of my e-commerce store, I reached out to my local customers through a series of pop-up shops around the city. The responses were fantastic, and the interactions I had were priceless. I like to think that I have made a difference in the lives of these women and vice versa.

In the spring of 2014, Collab Collections opened its first brick and mortar location at 781 Queen Street West in Toronto Canada. For the past two years, I have travelled the world to bring my customers the most unique and feminine pieces that they have come to treasure. Collab Collections has been featured in Toronto Life’s Stylebook in 2014 and 2015, under the City’s Top 100 Shops.

My fashion philosophy is wearing the right clothes for you. Every woman is unique and her clothes should reflect that. I believe the way a woman dresses is a reflection of her personality. My motto is “authenticity is daily practice of departing from who we are supposed-to-be but rather embracing who we truly are”.

Thank you for your continuous support and I will see you soon!
Love Always,